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Support the next Template music production

Support the next Template music production

Support the Maha Gaia Tantra Phi Sonic Resonance Music Production

In return you will receive a DOWNLOAD of the HARMONIC FREQUENCY COMPOSITIONS that are RESONANT with the SACRED GEOMETRY used in our last 3 CEREMONIES.

Dear friends of the Template,

We are finally releasing the long awaited tracks for ceremonies 7, 8 and 9, as downloads.

We will also be packaging them as hard copy CD’s with information on the affect of the frequencies on your electromagnetic field and the impact of this on consciousness.

We are now aligning the geometry, codes and frequencies for Ceremony 10 and will be holding the first one soon!

We need to raise $5,750 for the whole project. That’s 3 CD’s and the production of Ceremony 10 music.

For each donation of at least $20 you will receive a download of one of the composition. For $50 or more you receive all 3. Each one is approximately 40 minutes

If you are unable to receive music as a download we will put you on the list to receive the hard copy when its ready.  If you don’t already have it you may also ask for previous productions as a download….

Phi Sonic Resonance Worldbridger & Phi Sonic Solar System

Since it’s release Phi Sonic Worldbridger has generated constant positive feedback. As a meditation to balance your energy and calm your spirit many use this music to ground themselves and face the challenges that every day seems to be holding! We use this music in our spa during treatments and clients report that it enhances their experience greatly.

Originally created for those who had experienced the 6th Ceremony, this composition of frequencies assisted in the integration of the energies activated by all 6 ceremonies. The music for the 7, 8 and 9th will assist in the integration of the function and benefit of these ceremonies.

We thank you for your support and look forward to hearing of the experiences the music you will soon be listening to brings into your life.

Be sure to include your email address so we can send you your rewards.

Or you may contact Juergen for your download ;

Thanks and love  From

Jiva Juliet

And Juergen


Dawn actuates the awakening tide of consciousness, a passionate diffusion of energy,

pulsating waves of ascending currents. As first light suffuses the darkness,

to touch the earth with fiery colour, to kiss the tips of trees and mountain tops,

to bathe the land in light, every leaf and flower, every insect

and blade of grass responds ecstatically.


Air, fire, earth, water and ether individually emit a tonal frequency,

collectively creating the symphony of eutrophic harmonies that enchant spirit into matter.

The matrix of the human light body vibrates at a frequency

calibrated to the co-creative synergy of the Suns divine directive

projected as light and the receptive,

integrating resonance held in the crystalline heart of Earth

between these two potencies we are a melody of eternity…

the harmonies of endlessness…

we are love manifest…

We are the children of the

Maha Gaia Tantra.



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