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Worldbridger by Juliet Carter

Worldbridger by Juliet Carter


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Genetically modified Humans?
Worldbridger tells the story of 18 years of initiations and revelations that Juliet and Jiva Carter experienced during their collaboration with the “Bird Tribe”, the Planetary Evolutionary Guides,
to “download” the Template of transcendence.

  • By Juliet Carter
  • ©2007 The Template
  • ISBN: 0972275320
  • Sowelu Publishing
  • Paperback

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Worldbridger Testimonials

  • A pioneering milestone about the human condition and where we're going. I was immediately gripped by the opening lines of the first chapter, and for a short while, thought I was holding a work of fiction in my hands. I reminded myself that this is the true life tale of two people set upon a quest to understand and decode the mysteries of the human condition via the revealing of DNA manipulation, covert and overt mind control and other manifestations of the eons of separation consciousness and duality. What is even more astonishing is the certainty and vision they hold as regards our capacity to liberate ourselves from the past, via sound and sacred geometry. Humor is also a significant part of the formula for moving beyond survival and into what we were originally designed to be. Highly recommended. Warning to the uninitiated - this book will rock your pictures of reality!


  • I could not put Worldbridger down. Reading it plunged and plugged me into my very destiny as a human being. Having completed all the ceremonies, it resonated all the more, and what revelations it possessed felt like knowledge I was unlocking from within rather than absorbing from without. Juliet has cleverly interwoven personal history with the information she imparts and it was also fascinating to read about her and Jiva’s journey and exceptional togetherness. I felt bereft when I finished the last paragraph. Read this book for yourself and for all of humanity!


  • I finished Worldbridger cover-to-cover over the weekend, and appreciate its message a great deal. There is an air of deep authenticity in it, because of the way Juliet describes the journey. That’s why I’ve been happy to pass it to friends, because although it talks about fantastical stuff, and uncomfortable stuff too, it does help explain why the world seems inextricably bogged in so much dangerous turmoil. Juliet manages to write about this depressing subject in a way that doesn’t subtract from the severity of the condition, but neither does it sound beyond our control, or something we are powerless in the face of. A very sobering account, and I’ll be digesting the information for some time to come... it is, frankly, much much easier to keep one’s head buried deep in the sand!


  • What the book has stirred up in me is fascinating. I do not want to finish it because I have not read anything I enjoyed so much perhaps in my entire life. Quite a paradox....I don't want to put it down, but I don't want to finish it! The memories that are being stirred are profound and I feel changed just by the reading. I cannot imagine what effect the ceremonies will have, though by reading your accounts they will be clearly another level of profound. Thank you and Juliet for your dedication to your vision and purpose. I just needed to let you know that I am one of the worldbridgers that you have caused to remember why I am here. You have given me renewed hope!


  • A new look at the universe and our relationship within it. A true view -or at least a very different way of considering the beginnings of life, source and consciousness. Dispels and explains the myths and fairytales behind religious indoctrination, and gives anyone whom is open to the ideas a real future of beingness. They have lived the life and the path. A book that has truly changed my life.


  • We are bridging worlds. This is a great book, which explains so much about what is happening and how to bring the new Earth into existence by bridging the worlds between the old paradigm and the new consciousness.


  • Great, cutting edge and inspirational. I'm still in the midst of reading this amazing book. Ms. Carter is a brilliant and evocative writer and transmitter of this multidimensional information. It's so personal and at the same time so expansive, elevating and inspirational. Hope is in the air. I heartily recommend this revolutionary book to all who are ready, and/or are seeking, to co-create the "New Template."


  • I finished the ‘Worldbridger' in 5 days - I simply couldn't put the book down! Reading it makes me realize how much Juliet and Jiva had to undergo to bring the Template Ceremonies to us. Their total dedication in spite of the challenges they faced for so many years, is massively inspiring. It makes me appreciate even more this precious gift they have brought to humanity.


  • I received my copy of Worldbridger on Saturday. I can totally understand how folks couldn't put it down. I do sneak readings at work. My geometric experience is deep compared to many, and disorganized, but it appears to me that Jiva and Juliet have pulled it all together in a great way.


  • It took me a few pages to get used to the style of language because it is on a higher octave than normal everyday language. It was very interesting to read about Juliet and Jiva's adventures and experiences and how these connection ceremonies came about. Mostly what I was left with was a deepening of my sense of identity. This came about because whilst reading the book the idea that we humans are a solar race finally sunk in rather than being just a mental concept. The solar symbol is everywhere especially in ancient cultures and civilizations and it truly now makes a lot of sense why this is so.


  • Life transforming. This is a must read for those who are interested in the self discovery of life, its meaning, your purpose and how you can come to holistically experience your true sovereignty as a solar sentient being within this mutant matrix paradigm which is so mistakenly accepted as life as we know it.


  • Speechless, transformed, mesmerized, enchanted, honoured. It was only a month ago that I read this masterpiece. "Read" is an understatement because I didn't just "read" it. I devoured it, while digesting, pondering, experiencing every single morsel of this most amazing richly complex, powerful, enchanting, mesmerizing feast. I ate it, slept it, thought it, dreamed it, felt it, talked about it. I quoted from it so much that so many of my friends became interested in it. Given the magnitude of the systemic evolution this book caused in my life, given the huge implications it had on my idea of what I am here to do on this planet, had I known what it would do for me I would easily have paid 100 times more for this work of pure light, genius, magic,inspiration, higher science showing me what we really are! Wow. This book wasn't a deal, it was a steeeeeal! I felt like a parched man who didn't just find a glass of water, but a well spring of divine nectar, the source of all Amrita. I would easily divide my life into BW and AW, Before Worldbridger and After Worldbridger. Because nothing, and I mean nothing would be ever the same for me ever again, and no book or body of information whatsoever has even remotely affected me like Worldbridger did. If I could rate this book and give it 100 stars I would. Because this is not just a book, rather an ingeniously composed, rigorous, magnificent, brilliant MASTERPIECE written in the language of higher divine science brimful of information of how to get out of this prison of your mind!!


  • Worldbridger is the story of an extraordinary odyssey, a voyage between worlds and of growth within this world. A haunting, exhilarating and belief-defying saga of the journey of two people, this book documents the insights and truths revealed in their understanding of the universe through sacred geometry and the relevance of the hidden history of mankind upon this planet. As Juliet and Jiva share their guidance an extraordinary shift takes place within the reader, a resonance with and recognition of the template for humanity , and of the opportunity that is currently available for a quantum leap in the evolution of mankind. I still feel a huge upswelling of emotion, of love for Earth and the human race on its transformational journey here when I read Worldbridger and The Template, or hear the words of the Template Ceremonies. You will not read this book and feel unchanged.