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The Ceremonies

The Ceremonies MUST be done in SEQUENCE for the circuitry to be comprehensively reconnected.

Select a Ceremony No. from below to read the information.

Ceremony One

OI-DVD-text - The Foundation Ceremony - Original Innocence - The Template


The Template presents the first of six films that has realised the revolutionary achievement of embedding a coded experience that initiates measurable, sustainable transformation into film: an alchemically calibrated, holonomic convergence of sound, form and consciousness, permanently reconnecting 12 electromagnetic circuits that download the energetic nature of Source Consciousness into your energy field and endocrine system, activating your disassociation from the fear-based paradigm, initiating the collapse of programs that are reliant upon the synthetic matrix, and re-embracing the Human hologram into the interactive, co-creative holography of the immortal continuum.

You become the portal through which Divine Consciousness flows.

What was originally a workshop event is now on film.

The transformational experience of the first Template ceremony
can now be shared with family, friends and the community.

Watching this ceremony reconnects the 12 Foundation Circuits… permanently.

Circuitry Reconnected

The 12 circuits that are permanently reconnected in this ceremony are:


  • Thymus
  • Creative
  • Xiphoid


  • Auric
  • Crown
  • Third Eye
  • Throat


  • Medulla Oblongata


  • Perineum


  • Heart
  • Solar Plexus
  • Tip of the Pubic Bone


  • Prepare a sacred space in your usual way.
  • Watch “Ceremony One – Intro”, first.
  • Before watching “1st Template Ceremony – Original Innocence” make sure you will not be disturbed for the 37 minute duration.
  • When you are ready, select HD, full screen and click Play.


  • Allow for substantial quiet time afterwards, to integrate.
  • The Workbook holds lots of information that will assist in the integration process.

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Ceremony One - Intro

1st Template Ceremony - Original Innocence

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1st Template Ceremony - Original Innocence - Italian

The Foundation Ceremony - Original Innocence - Testimonials

  • I have noticed subtle changes in myself, such as an improvement in my general energy. For a long time I have had M.E type condition and this has improved. I feel more of a presence about myself, like I am more ‘here’. The most profound thing is the change which occurred in my internal world – a felt sense – a place inside of deep fear, disconnection, aloneness, like a terrified small child lost and bewildered - just seemed to disappear.

  • A few weeks after the ceremony, I have a greater awareness and unshakeable sense of rightness of checking in and coming back to any sense of a situation/feeling/person, learning from compassionate discrimination. I can only conclude that this is directly as a result of the "sovereign human" in action, as I have never felt it so viscerally. It feels like a wise, loving, intelligent and gentle energy that moves me towards the best use of my skills in a given situation and allows me to discriminate in order to make the best choices. I no longer feel self-pity, anxiety, worry or depression. Anger still comes up but it passes quickly like a summer storm … the energy is beautiful in its economy.

  • I am astounded by the Original Innocence video and tripping over my words to try to express it. The whole package is so perfect and beautiful: the booklet is amazing in terms of how much it delivers in such a small amount of pages. I know what the Template ceremonies do and it is wonderful that Original Innocence is now on this incredible DVD.

  • I was intrigued by the Template presentation, it almost sounded too good to be true. Could it really be that simple? Then I did the first ceremony on video. I felt it! I really did! I have been suffering from exhaustion for many years and it seems it only gets worse, problems with concentration, memory loss, etc. I get angry when I’m tired, but the day after I did the ceremony was the first day in months that I could have an afternoon with my son without bad temper. 

    And now I have felt the unfolding of something deep inside of me over the past week. For example, much, much more patience with my boy, and prior to the ceremony certain spiritual concepts which I was trying to understand remained only a concept of the mind. Now some of them are a natural part of me- not only do I understand them but I realize them on a deep level. The only thing that seems strange is that they weren't a part of me before. The Template has brought strength and hope to me. This strange thing really does seem authentic!

  • I felt subtly different and each day now I am exploring a new way of being. Straight away I became calm and happy deep inside. I didn’t dare believe it would last but that is how I still am now, several months on: calm and happy. I have hardly ever been calm and happy in my life before and certainly not for weeks at a time, as I am now! All my background mind chatter – the endlessly repeated, unstoppable, worrying mutterings - has ceased, so that the continuing problems that I have no longer dominate my thinking to the exclusion of all else, as they used to. The fear - which I largely did not recognise that I had - has gone completely and it’s almost like being young again, except that I am more me, now, than I have ever been. This is a very great blessing and a state I could not have imagined.

  • I had a phenomenal feeling of calm and a state of total meditation during and after the ceremony and the feeling I have a day later is really incredible. I am not taking other people's emotions personally, I am not over reacting and I don't adopt their emotions as my own. It's so nice to feel so sure and calm and not feel exhausted from over-thinking. I feel like I already have the answer and can be present but not feel affected by things I can't control, such as how people react to things and express their emotions. Instead of feeling their negativity and then reacting negatively myself, I can now just act as an observer. I notice more and can gauge a situation better. I am absorbing information, more concentration, better recall, and it has helped with my motivation and generating creative ideas. I have felt big changes in many mechanisms that I have had in place for most of my adulthood. A huge thank you.

  • The process is so subtle yet so profound. It is as if I have more 'presence'. My timing is amazing: it is as if unseen presences, unheard voices communicate with me. My treatments have changed and it is as if the remedies self-select. The process is now so much clearer and faster. It is as if my 'being' has more depth and activity, as if I have 'grown' within my body.

  • I have used the Original Innocence Ceremony on DVD to assist me through some very difficult times. It returned me to my divine sovereignty, something I gave up long ago when I entered my past relationship. I wasn’t expecting anything as I had no predetermined motives, but realised very soon that my behaviour changed, my priorities realigned and the devotion to my personal balance of all bodies – and to the divine masculine and feminine - came in like a beautiful wave. I can say with great conviction and certainty it changed my life.

  • I barely have the words to express the wonder and awe of my amazing experience of the 1st Template ceremony. I think it's the most astounding thing I have seen in my life. I can't even imagine what it took to create that video – and actually I don't want to know - I'd rather have it be a glorious divine mystery. To say THANK YOU to express how I feel comes about as close as the farthest star from earth.

  • I sat ruminating in a state of near shock/bliss after watching The Ceremony of Original Innocence. Mystically, I felt light - like golden sap - suddenly rise up within me. I contacted my best friend and she watched it as well. That night, we were both aflutter with excitement, buzzing with the beauty of the experience. I encourage everyone to watch this film. In a world where so much of what we see on a daily basis has the stink of deception, spite, hatred and spin, to experience something so positive and so life-affirming is a rare and tender gift. I am completely changed. You will be too.

  • I feel so energised for the first time in a long time, yet completely content with stillness. I feel the tingling rush of my light body reactivating. I feel at once so light I could float away and also physically denser and much more grounded in my physicality. This beautiful message resonated so clearly, completely and honestly. Incredible! Thank you.

  • What dedication, generosity and pure loving intention from Juliet and Jiva Carter and the Template Team. The DVD is truly stunning, the exquisite sacred geometry, colours and music along with the language and ceremonial codes moved me to tears many times. I am planning an evening to share it with friends. So much gratitude to you all for making this powerful work available at this time.

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