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Located between the sea kissed beaches and the sun drenched mountain peaks of the enchanted Byron shire, brings you an exquisite selection of sacred geometry jewellery and healing tools.

Adorn yourself with the powers of creation that are everywhere around you, within you, infinitely.

The Template

The Template – A Holonomic Model of Transcendence, links Sacred Ceremony, Sacred Geometry, brain chemistry, bio-circuitry, the endocrine system, neurobiology, DNA, the archetypal arena and the morphogenetic field to reveal the holonomic systems of creation that birth and bind the Human hologram.

As the creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn, the map of the evolution of the Human entity is indelibly written into your genetic codes. Your ability to activate and integrate the fullness of these codes is a question of circuitry.

Built upon the laws of resonant harmonics, creating synergy with the vibratory infrastructure of your dormant DNA, The Template offers the un-interpreted, uncensored, energetic truth of creation, delivered by the simple reconnection of electromagnetic energy via bio-circuitry, rendering you able to receive, translate and utilise the full spectrum of the geometries of light
for light is the language of transcendence. 


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